Tattoo Designs For Girls. Features information and advice on tattoo designs for girls.

Tattoo Designs Ideas For Girls

Tattoo Designs Ideas For Girls

On this site you will find an enormous collection of beautiful tattoo designs exclusive to girls only. Everything ranging from tiny butterflies to gigantic tribal tigers, it’s all here.

When you choose a tattoo design to get inked into you skin forever there are some things that you want it to achieve:

  1. You must be absolutely in love with the design you have chosen. There cannot be a fraction of a shadow of a doubt about the design, it has to be just perfect.
  2. The design must not be something so generic that every 2nd girl you see has the same one. Take your time to find a unique design or even a combination of designs to get a beautiful and gorgeous tattoo.

Where To Place Your Tattoo

The part of your body that you choose to get a tattoo on is very important too. A tattoo in the right place can make you look a lot sexier, while a tattoo in the wrong place can take away from your sexiness.

Tattoos for girls differ largely from the tattoos that men like to choose. Tattoos for girls are softer, more feminine and usually very artistic. (Although there are also girls who like to choose more masculine tattoo designs).

Another thing to consider is the influence of your future tattoo on your career. If your tattoo is in a very visible place (like on your hands or the side of your neck) it may cause problems with your employers, especially if you work with the public. It is strange, but unfortunately some people still associate tattoos with sleaziness. I personally don’t think it is a problem at all, but it’s good to give it some thought.

What Kind Of Tattoo Designs

Girls often lean towards tattoo designs like:

If you are a total tattoo newbie (meaning you don’t have a single dot of ink in your skin yet), then you should start off by reading this page. It is a summary and crash-course of everything you need to know about getting a tattoo and choosing a tattoo design.

Something To Remember

Remember that when you choose to get a tattoo you need to keep in mind that it is permanent (which is of course the
point). I recommend that once you have chosen your perfect design that you want to get inked into your skin, you print it out and put it away for 6 months.

In those 6 months you don’t look at the design you have chosen, not even once. After your six months have passed and you still want to get a tattoo, take out your perfect tattoo design and you can decide how you feel about it.

If you still love it just as much as the day you decided you wanted it then go ahead and make an appointment with your tattoo artist. However, if you don’t feel as strongly about that design anymore then you can choose something else. This way you will really enjoy your tattoo for the rest of your life and have zero regrets about it.

Is It Really Permanent?

No, Not really. There are different procedures available to remove the tattoo but most of them are just plain painful, risky and expensive. While tattoos can be surgically removed, there is a great deal of scarring and potentially, skin grafting to remove the remnants of a tattoo.

But I’ve Discovered Quick And Easy Natural Methods & Secrets to Eliminating the Unwanted Tattoo  

In this e-book you’ll find the Simple, Natural, Yet Effective System that is Guaranteed to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Tattoo – Without any Painful, Expensive and Risky Abrasion & Laser Procedures.

So, If you wondering what will happened if you don’t like the tattoo in couple of years I suggest to grab the copy of this book and read it through. It gives you some intel before you decide to ink yourself.

Getting A Tattoo

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Does it hurt?

The question of whether or not it hurts to get a tattoo is a common one.
While it is certainly not unbearable (otherwise people wouldn’t have tattoos), some people find it less pleasant than others. A great deal depends on your expectation of how it will feel. If you expect it to hurt a lot, then it likely will.

In general getting a tattoo does not really hurt. Painful (but still bearable) places to get a tattoo are on the spine and on other places where there is bone directly under the skin (like your rib cage or your ankle).

Finding a tattoo artist

Once you have found your perfect tattoo design (and are completely certain that you want to get it tattooed into your skin), you need to find a good tattoo artist. I advise against walking into the first tattoo parlor you come across because you have no clue what their quality of art is like.

It’s best to do some research before you choose your tattoo artist. You may even have to go to another city to get your tattoo done. Rather go to someone who has a great reputation and is a little more expensive than someone you don’t know but offers a cheap price. You only get one chance to have the tattoo done right.

I wish you success in finding your perfect tattoo design and I hope that you enjoy browsing my tattoo designs for girls.

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